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David Ragan - Select Blinds
David Ragan - Select Blinds

06.23 Sonoma Raceway
06.30 Chicagoland Speedway
07.06 Daytona International Speedway
Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

More of David on youTube

More of David on youTube

Texas Pre Race Report

David Ragan Texas Preview
No. 38 Ford
Ragan on Texas
"Texas is usually the first race where everyone’s kind of hit ‘reset’ on their race cars. We got to learn a lot at Atlanta and Las Vegas, and even California and somewhat Phoenix, on where your strengths are and where your weaknesses are. And a lot of teams will have a new build or new body version or some updates they take to Texas. After the off weekend, you have a little bit more time to prepare that race car.

"We’ve identified some areas that we’ve been doing a really good job at, and we’ve identified some areas where we need to improve our race cars some. So, Texas is a new benchmark for us. We’ll bring a new version of the best car that we can build to Texas. Our Ford is going to have our Texas-based partner,, on it once again, and we’re looking to have a good run for them on their home turf.

“Texas Motor Speedway is a very fast race track, and it’s a very cool track since they’ve taken the banking out of Turns 1 and 2 and kind of mixed things up a little bit. I think it will make for really good racing in the years to come as the track ages."

Ragan Texas Stats
22 starts, 2 top-10s, 7 top-15s, 8 top-20s, 1 pole
Best finish: 7th

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