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David Ragan - Sppedco
David Ragan - Sppedco

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Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

More of David on youTube

More of David on youTube

Shriners Success Stories

- Megan Johnson's Amazing Story

Megan Johnson's Amazing Story
At age 19, Megan has had 28 surgeries for a facial disorder and other syndromes.  When she was 15, she was selected as one of Shriner's Success stories and has since become a National Patient Ambassador.  She has traveled from Hawaii to Florida from Alaska to Boston and many places in between.  So far, she has visited 18 Shriner Hospitals and hopes to visit all 22!!!
After suffering years of harassment from her classmates, when she was 10 years old she saw a video about the homeless. She then started her organization she calls Megan's Mission. She now has over 50 volunteers and a manager on the East Coast.  She has purchased thousands of dollars worth of supplies, and has made over 1,500 blankets.  She also walks the streets of Seattle visiting the street people.  Megan donates $300 every month to three agencies that help the homeless and others in need.  She has also started a project she calls "Kids Helping Kids" where she collected over 3,000 movies and gave them to area children's hospitals.  She and her Girl Scout Troop earned the American Red Cross Heroes Award for this.  Another project that Megan has started is a project called "From the Heart" where she made baby blankets for drug affected babies. 
Two years ago, she started a partnership with a men's max/medium security prison in Washington state.  The men are making all the sock hats for Megan's Mission.  She felt this was a wonderful way for them to give back to society and they loved doing it.  She earned her Girl Scout Gold Award for starting this partnership.  They hope to continue this for years to come.
Due to being bullied, Megan wrote her 3rd children's book about this.  It is called Growing Up Different and she has been reading it in elementary schools and hospitals to help children realize they are all the same, some just come in a little more unique package.  Her first book was about her experience at Shriners Hospital and how she hated hospitals until she came there.  It is called Clowns Make a Difference. It is a true story about a Shriner clown (now in his 80's) that visited her at the hospital.  Through her books, last year, Megan donated over $10,000 to Shriner's Hospitals and other Shriner causes.  Every time she is invited to speak at a Shriner event, she donates $100 to their transportation fund.  
Megan has received much recognition for her community service work.  She has received two National Awards, VFW/Ladies Auxiliary Youth Volunteer of the Year and Prudential's National Spirit of Community Service Award.  She has also won many state awards.  In June, 2011, she will be going to Washington D.C. to the National Jefferson Awards where she will be honored as the recipient for Washington State.
In the past few years, Megan was traveling one to four states a month for the Shriners but was able to maintain a 4.0 and graduate Valedictorian of her high school class.  She is now maintaining a 3.98 in college in her pre-nursing requisites.  But she also stays busy in other things too.  She is a Black Belt in TaeKwonDo, plays piano, violin, Korean drums, and speaks at events about Megan's Mission. Megan also runs a business making unique purses called "Meggie Originals".
Megan turned 20 in March right after her 28th surgery.  She has a couple more surgeries to go but knows the end is in sight.  Shriner's and the Ladies are her Heroes!! She has written poems about them and put a song to a PowerPoint that she presents at many of the speaking engagements.  Megan always says, I am so thankful to God for the life He has given me, my family for always loving me and to Shriner's for fixing me!!

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