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David Ragan - Sppedco
David Ragan - Sppedco

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Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

Greenville Shriners Hospital Visit

More of David on youTube

More of David on youTube

Shriners Success Stories

- Jessica Hendricks' Success Story

Jessica Hendricks' Success Story My beautiful daughter Jessica was born five weeks early with spina bifida, hip dysplasia, club foot, and hydrocephalus.  I had graduated from college at the University of South Florida in 1990 -- the same campus that Shriners Hospital of Tampa is located on -- and had never dreamed I would be needing their services for my own child in the future.  

Just shy of two months old, my Jessica became a Shriners patient.  I don't like using the word "employees" when talking about those that work at Shriners, because everyone there seems like a friend or part of the family now.  Jessica, is always treated with the utmost respect for her young age -- she is now five.  She had serial casting on her club foot to try to straighten it up. And they also tried various things in an attempt to get her hips back into place.  They make two sets of braces for her every year (AFOs - small ones up to the knees, and KAFOs - big ones up to the top of the legs).  The kids get to pick out the design on the braces as well as the color of the straps.  Jessie LOVES that!  So thanks to Shriners -- Jessie is not wheelchair bound -- she also uses a walker & crutches for shorter distances with her braces on. 

Jessica is a hit wherever we go -- especially if she is showing off her independence using her walker or crutches.  She is starting Kindergarten in August 2011 after being in a physically impaired preschool class in the same elementary school for the last two and half years.  Jessie was taught how to get around the school in her wheelchair and also her walker and crutches while wearing her braces. 

I know she is who she is today in part thanks to Shriners for helping her to gain independence -- and in part for everyone there helping us learn more and more about spina bifida.  Our Shriners friends have a spina bifida clinic we attend twice a year where Jessie usually sees a urologist, neurologist, neurosurgeon, and an orthopedic doctor. 

All these people have guided us through what to do in all kinds of situations to ensure she remains healthy.  The orthotics department is quite awesome, too!  Anytime there is any question about one of her braces, the orthotics crew gets us in as soon as possible to discuss if any changes need to be made to a brace.  And they have a wheelchair seating department which can check if anything needs to be done to Jessie's wheelchair. 

Every person at the Tampa Shriners Hospital that we have met has been nothing but kind and helpful.  They love Jessica, and frankly, we LOVE Shriners!  Jessica was even chosen to be in two of their videos on the Tampa Shriners web site, and she was on the cover of the January 2011 issue of the local Egypt Shrine magazine with the quote, "This Is Why We Do What We Do".  That sums up the Shriners and their hospitals in a nutshell! 

Jessica Hendricks is a Shriners success story because she is loved WHEREVER we go!  She touches so many hearts.  Because of her independence and all the information we, as her parents, have learned from Shriners -- she is a beautiful little girl that has the world at her feet right now -- there will probably be no obstacle too large to overcome for her!  THANK YOU, David Ragan, for seeing Shriners for who they are -- worthy of being a NASCAR charity because they have helped so many children learn to have a better life!  Congratulations on your first Sprint Cup victory this month at Daytona!! 

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